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Per-Ingvar Brånemark


Professor P-I Brånemark discovered Osseointegration, then designed and developed reconstructive surgical procedures based on this principle. In an extensive research program in medicine and dentistry, he has summarized 43 PhD theses, 300 papers, and a series of monographs and films. In these, the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of bone, marrow, joint, muscle, tendon and nerve tissues were explored. He has conducted several experimental surgical programs that involved immediate- and preformed-bone grafting procedures. Professor Brånemark is honorary doctor at a large number of universities around the world. He is also honorary member of many dental and medical societies worldwide, and has received a large number of awards for his work. In 2005, he established the P-I Brånemark Institute, Bauru, Brazil, where he currently continues his research.

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